There are many ways to help us reach our aspirations for a sustainable future based on an economy that can protect the forest.

The best way is to visit us and see for yourself how Chi Phat is working on a big change of lifestyle to protect the forest.

We have much to offer you with hospitality and experiences that will stay with you for a long time. And you have much to offer us, by giving us work and showing us how our visitors care about the environment and making our work more meaningful.


Wildlife Alliance

Before Wildlife Alliance arrived in the area in 2001, the area surrounding the Chi Phat was renowned for being highly dependent upon illegal forest activities. Wildlife Alliance chose to directly address the underlying causes of forest destruction —the poverty of its residents— by promoting programs that generate income. Illegal forest activities have significantly diminished and community members are showing signs of emerging prosperity. People now realize they have a stake in the area’s continued protection and health.

Our project of becoming a more sustainable village and protect the forest is guided and supported by Wildlife Alliance. Therefore you can also help through the opportunities they offer, like making a gift, sponsoring an animal, planting a tree and much more. Check how you can help via Wildlife Alliance.


If you're keen on getting involved and becoming big part of the change you may want to consider volunteering at Chi Phat. We need people staying long term with skills in all areas, and you may be surprised to know how much you have to offer us!

Chi Phat has no budget to pay volunteers for their work, but it is quite cheap to live in Chi Phat and we can promise you an unforgettable experience.


We need people who can help with the following:

Helping organise other volunteers
Communication skills (not just languages)
Cooking or catering management skills
Artists to paint guest house signs, and train local artists
A signage designer
An electrician
Waste management advisor
Builders, joiners, handymen
Waste water advisor
Handicrafts promoter
Forest products advisor
Accounts trainer
Craft brewing for local beer and fruit wines
And many more...

If you are interested, please contact us.