Getting to Chi Phat is part of the adventure. Chi Phat village is about 40 mins (17 km by unsealed road), or two hours by boat from the main highway.

All boats and motorbikes that take you to Chi Phat leave from Andoung Teuk.

You can travel to Andoung Teuk by bus from the main cities in Cambodia using many companies.
Virak Buntham and Sorya buses are the most reliable.

We suggest to get your bus ticket to Andoung Teuk with good time in advance to secure a place. Make sure your driver understands you'll leave the bus at Andoung Teuk by showing him the place in the map, the name in Khmer could help too.

When you book your stay at Chi Phat through this website you can include your transfer from Andoung Teuk to the village, that will secure your arrival and make your travel a lot easier.

arriving to Chi Phat

1. Arriving by bus to Andoung Teuk

From Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Kep or Kampot

All buses turn off National Route 4 onto NR 48. After 10 km it will cross a bridge at Sre Ambel (you may stop for lunch just before the bridge). After 30 km more you will reach the second bridge: Andoung Teuk. Get off just before crossing the bridge.


From Koh Kong

Andoung Teuk is about 100 km (1½ - 2 hours) from Koh Kong. Alight immediately after crossing the bridge at Andound Teuk, this is the third bridge from Koh Kong.


Meeting point for your ride to Chi Phat

Once at Andoung Teuk, go to the restaurant called ( Kim Chhourn) with blue pillars, 50m east of the bridge. Ask in the restaurant about how to continue to Chi Phat. If you booked transportation to Chi Phat this is where to meet your boat or moto driver. If you haven't booked you can arrange transport here too.

Virak Buntham buses schedule

Departure Direction Arrives at Andoung Teuk
Phon Penh
Koh Kong 12:30
Koh Kong 11:30
Koh Kong
Phnom Penh 09:45
Koh Kong
Sihanoukville 10:15


2. From Andoung Teuk to Chi Phat


By Moto-taxis

If you have booked a moto-taxi, or arrange one when you arrive, you can leave immediately. The cost is $7.

The journey takes about 45 minutes on unsealed road, this is easy when dry but can be difficult after rain.

If you book your moto with us the cost will include the moto ferry and your moto driver will bring you all the way to the visitor center. You do not pay the driver: wait to pay at the visitor center.

If you travel by moto without booking you will have a local Andoung Teuk driver. You should pay him directly, and he will drop you at the ferry point. You should then cross the river and walk to the visitor center, 200m from the river.

All treks leave in the morning, so there is no need to hurry to Chi Phat by moto, if you can arrive to Andoung Teuk in day time we recommend you to take a more relaxing and enjoyable trip to Chi Phat by boat.


By boat

Boats leave when the Virak Buntham bus arrives from Phnom Penh: usually 12:30-13:00. If the bus is late, the boat will wait until 14:00, or later if other passengers agree.

Boats are well maintained, have life jackets, shade and spare engines. They can be very loud though, if you want to relax you could wear earplugs. Your boat driver will take you to the small port on the north side of the river at Chi Phat, and then lead you to the visitor center. The price is $10 one-way (Note: At least 3pax on board, if solo guest the price is $30) and the scenic journey takes about two hours. You may see monkeys and birds during the trip. We would like to suggest all guests do not pay directly to the boat driver. Your trip will be paid at out CBET Visitor center.

If the scheduled boat from Chi Phat is full or departed, you can travel by moto-taxi or rent an Andoung Teouk community boat at the information desk. Andoung Teouk boat is not belong Chi Phat CBET of transportation. Do not pay more than $40 for the whole boat.

arriving to Chi Phat by boat

By own vehicle

The unsealed road to Chi Phat is 4km west of Andoung Teuk. There is a small sign near the cluster of buildings. Follow the telephone wires all the way to Chi Phat. Most turnings have signs.

You will arrive at the car ferry. If you are in a car, sound your horn to call the ferry. A car transfer costs $5.00. About 50m west of the car ferry (on a small unmarked path) you will find a foot / bicycle / moto ferry. This costs 1000 riel per person, and 2000 riel per bicycle or moto. After crossing the river, follow the village high street to the visitor center (200m).


You can arrive to Chi Phat by boat through the scenic Piphot river or by motorbike or own vehicle through unsealed road as marked in the map.


Leaving Chi Phat

You can book your tickets back from Chi Phat to the main cities in Cambodia directly in the village, there's no need to book or plan ahead. Must buses picking you up from Andoung Teuk leave in the morning, so you will not have time for activities in the village on your last day. Please book your return tickets before your last day, as we need to organize for the boats or motorbikes one night before your leave.

Boats and moto-taxis leave Chi Phat every morning, and drivers will guide you to the bus stop in Andoung Teuk. You can reach Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Kep, Kampot, Koh Kong, Trat and Bangkok on the same day (Bangkok arrival time about 21:00 - 22:00). Other destinations will require an overnight in Phnom Penh, or taking a night bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap or Battambang. If you are travelling on to Koh Kong or Thailand, you can take the scheduled boat at 07:00, or leave about 11:00 by moto-taxi to make your connection. If you are travelling to other destinations, you will leave by boat at 07:00 or moto-taxi at 08:30.

If you have any questions or need some help with your plan just send us a line.

Chi Phat warmly welcomes you any time!

leaving Chi Phat